Who are Key 2 Matrimony?

Key 2 Matrimony specialises in muslim marriage events and are a team that consist of professionals in the field of marriage, business men/women, event organisers and scholars who have teamed up together voluntary to help people find their soul-mate in a halal environment.

Who are your events aimed at?

They are aimed at practising muslims from any background, aged 18+ and primarily based in the UK.

Why is there a need for your services?

To put it plainly this is due to other channels not working, i.e. traditional family routes, marriage sites, other formal marriage events.

Allah (swt) has given us all the time and energy and indeed skills and knowledge to utilise and help one another.

What are your events like?

Key 2 Matrimony will make sure the event is according to our Islamic sharia and in a safe yet friendly environment that is designed to be warm and inviting.

The events are specially organised to benefit the principles of muslim etiquette, and are made to make networking and introductions between marriage-minded individuals as easy as possible.

What is the format of your event?

  • Soft drinks on arrival
  • Registration
  • House rules and format of day
  • Speech on Islamic marriage
  • Formal seated rotations
  • Lunch
  • Meet your short list of potential partners

How do I register?

The easiest way to register for our event is by using our online registration form. You can also download our offline registration pack which you will need to return to us either by post, email or in person.

After you have submitted your details we will need to find you approximately 10 matches and will then email or call you, if you wish to pay by card you can do this over the phone or you can pay at our drop in centres or a member of staff can collect payment from you.

What are the requirements for attendees?

Attendees need to be over the age of 18 and need to submit their details.

Females must be accompanied by a mahram unless certain conditions apply. Females must also complete the Parental Consent Form and bring it to us to be signed in the presence of a witness.

Please email/call us if you have any difficulties and stating the reason why.

Males have an option but advisable that one brings his female chaperone.

Do you have a dress code?

Please dress modest as it’s a Muslim marriage event and we will have pre speech on marriage by a scholar.

Will there be segregation?

Male and females will be segregated at the beginning of the marriage event. After this we divide the participant’s in groups of 20 (with their matching profile) please note this is a marriage event where one of the main objectives is to help people find suitable spouses in an Islamic way so one has to see someone and talk.

Why the wait for approval?

We want to make sure that we have filtered and vetted and matched the applicants to what you are looking for prior to you attending the event so you are not wasting your valuable time talking and meeting everyone and also we will make sure you meet genuine single people at the event who are looking for marriage only

Is there an equal ratio of males and females?

Yes we will make sure we have equal numbers.

Can I record or take pictures?

Audio-visual recording of any form will be NOT be permitted during the event and cameras will also not be allowed.

What information will be disclosed to others?

Only your first name which you provided on the application form will be shared on the day.

Pictures and any other personal information will remain with the event organisers.

We have a policy of non-disclosure unless mutual consent is reached at the end of the event and you wish to exchange certain information

Are prayer facilities available?

Yes, prayer facilities will be provided at the venue.

What is your refunds policy?

We have done our uttermost best to ensure that our refunds policy is as fair as possible to all parties. Booking reserves the customer places(s), since all venues are limited to number of places.

The customer is entitled to a refund if the organiser cancels the event altogether, or if the event gets postponed for over four weeks.

For detailed information please see our terms and conditions.