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I understand that Key 2 Matrimony is only for those Muslims who are practising and take their religion seriously.
I am Single.
I am over 18 years of age.
I will not use this event for any other purposes other than seeking a marriage partner in a halal and permissible way.
I will not attempt to mislead anybody.
All the information I supply on this application form will be truthful and accurate.
I have read and agreed to the terms & conditions and privacy policy as stated on our website.

If you are a single female we will need a written consent from your parents to sign in front of us that you are single and that you are attending an Islamic marriage event, which you can do at the same time by your parents visiting any of the drop in centres or we can come to you and sign an authorisation form, this does not apply to divorcees and in some cases reverts because of circumstances.

Please note: all female participants will need to bring a mahram and men its optional and highly advised to bring their female chaperone so they can assist on the day, if you are a revert or have any other genuine issues that does not allow you to bring a mahram then please email us or call us prior to submitting your application.

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