Registration Process

Step 1

Complete your registration on our website  which is the quickest and the easiest option or you can download our registration pack. We will need you to answer all the relevant questions  to find you a suitable match for the day, you will need to upload a recent picture of yourself ideally a passport size photo if not a clear recent picture will suffice (note pictures will not be shared with anyone on day of event or with any other organisations). You will need to upload your driving license or copy of Passport and recent utility bill to confirm you are genuine and living in UK, you can download the forms and drop them at the 3 drop in centres named below or post them to the address or we can have the forms collected if we have a volunteer in your area.

Please note after you have submitted your application depending how lenient you have been on the form we will take 7-14 days to match your soul-mate and confirm your attendance, if you would like to speed up the application you will need to be less selective as you know the Muslim community is large and diverse, if you are very selective then your chances of meeting that person will be slim as we will be making sure everybody gets to meet approximately 10 matching participant’s on the day and please note no payment is needed at this stage.

Please note: all female participants will need to bring a mahram unless you are a revert and you fall in certain categories, Men its optional but highly advised to bring their female chaperone so they can assist on the day, if you would like further information please email us at or call us prior to submitting your application.

Step 2

We will call you or send you an email to book your seat together with your mahram/chaperone, after confirmation you can transfer funds through your bank or pay by at the drop in locations below or you can pay by credit/debit card over the phone or again if we have a volunteer who lives near nearby we can collect cash payment from yourself.

If you are a single female we will need a written consent from your parents to sign in front of us that you are single and that you are attending an Islamic marriage event, which you can do at the same time by your parents visiting any of the drop in centres or we can come to you and sign an authorisation form, this does not apply to divorcees and in some cases reverts because of circumstances.